12 May 2009

04 May 2009

BG Masters S2000 - second win for Popov!Borisov finishes eight!

Daniel Popov won the second round of BG Masters S2000 - Rally Internacional de Curitiba!
Daniel finished the first leg with only 4 seconds faster than the second Damian Kirov. At the end he won the rally 58 seconds ahead of Julian Genovski, who finished second. Popov won 9 from 13 stages.
Dobrin Borisov had some problems this rally and he finished eight! In the end of leg one he was on fifteen place but he managed to stay concentrated in leg two and climbed up wiht seven places up!

Rally of Canberra: Daniel Popov wins the rally and the title, Mario Popov in second place and Borisov on fourth!

Daniel Popov won the sixth round of FiestaChallenge- Rally of Canberra.With that win Daniel is now 16 points ahead of Damian Kirov and one round before the season end Daniel won the FiestaChallenge champion title!
Mario Popov finished in second place in Australia. He climbed from third to second place in the last stage, leaving Julian Genovski 16 seconds behind him in the overall
All season long Dobrin Borisov was doing great and he did so once again in Rally of Canberra by finishing on fourth place.
After round six Mario Popov climbed up from sixth to fourth with 20 points. Dobrin Borisov left Vasil Iordanov behind him and he is now fifth with 18 points.
The next round of FiestaChallenge is Richard Burns Memorial Rally. This is the last round of this championship and it is sure that it will be one of the most interesting rallies from the season!

28 April 2009

Trandov joins the team!

A former Popmotors driver once again joined the team. Angel Trandov is certainly one of the fastest young drivers in Richard Burns Rally!

Daniel Popov wins Rally Monte Carlo! Dobrin Borisov finishes in fifth place!

Daniel Popov won the first round of BG Masters S2000 - Rally Monte Carlo!
Popov won 12 from 14 stages. He took the lead in the first stage but in the second he did a mistake and dropped down to fourth place. After that he won all the stages for the day and he took the first place in the end of the day with 02.09.41 minutes ahead of Iavor Georgiev.He started the second leg very careful and went trough the stages very safely. He once again did a mistake in stage thirteen that cost him over 30 seconds. Anyway Daniel finished the rally with 02.25.44 minutes lead ahead of second placed Damian Kirov.
Dobrin Borisov did a great job in the rally and finished in fifth place.He started the rally very careful and finished leg one in seventh place.In day two he managed to climb up to fifth place. Borisov did a great job staying concentrated through the rally without making any serious mistakes.
After round one Popmotors is leading the team clasiffication with 28 points.
The next round of BG Masters S2000 is Rally Internacional de Curitiba.

Daniel Popov wins Rally Mont-Blanc!Mario Popov in third!

Daniel Popov won Rally Mont-Blanc - fifth round of FiestaChallenge! Daniel won all the stages and finished 34.03 seconds ahead of Damian Kirov, who finished in second.After his third place in his debut rally in USA Mario Popov once again finished in third place. He finished only 12.51 seconds after Kirov and over two minutes ahead of fourth placed Julian Genovski.Dobrin Borisov was standing on fifth place after the first two stages, but unfortunately technical problems forced him to retire in the third stage.
Daniel is still on top of the overall classification with 46 points. Dobrin Borisov is fifth with equal points with Vasil Iordanov.After his two podium finishes Mario Popov is now sixth with 12 points.
The next rally from FiestaChallenge is Rally of Canberra starting on the first of May.

20 April 2009

Rally Ramada Express: Popmotors drivers finish in top 5!

In the fourth round of FiestaChallenge Popmotors drivers didn't managed to take the win, but they have done great despite the problems and all finished in the top 5!
Second place overall took Daniel Popov. After the roll on stage two it was obvious that Daniel won't
be able to get the win.He finished 11.19 seconds behind Damian Kirov.
In his first start in FiestaChallenge Mario Popov finished third 52.09 second behind the
winner.Mario also made couple of mistakes in the end of the rally but still managed to finish third in his debut.
Dobrin Borisov finished fifth and moved one place up in the overall classification.Borisov is one of the most constant drivers in this championship and the "rookie" is doing a great job so far!

After round four Daniel Popov has 36 points in the overall classification and he is now 4 points ahead of Damian Kirov.Dobrin Borisov once again did a great job in the rally and moved one position - he is now standing on fourth place with 13 points.In his debut FiestaChallenge rally Mario Popov scored 6 points that put him on eight place in the overall.
The next round of FiestaChallenge is Rally Mont-Blanc on the 24.04-26.04.

13 April 2009

Win for Popov in Arctic Lapland Rally! Borisov finishes fifth!

Daniel Popov won the third round of FiestaChallenge - Arctic Lapland Rally and his team mate Dobrin Borisov finished fifth!
Popov took the lead from the first stage and won the rally with 14.54 seconds ahead of Julan Genovski and with 01:17.56 ahead of Damian Kirov.Dobrin Borisov was fighting with Georgi Harizanov all rally long but unfortunately he rolled in the last stage and that mistake left him 16.86
seconds behind Harizanov and Dobrin finished fifth.
After round three Popov is still on top of the clasification with 28 points and a lead of 6 points
ahead of Genovski and Kirov, who both have 22 points.Dobrin Borisov is now fifth with 9 points.
The next round of FiestaChallenge is Rally Ramada Express - 17.04 - 19.04!